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Cortaril cortisol manager is a potent cortisol manager designed to help men and women with the high stress life of today's world.


Cortaril Cortisol Manager and Blocker helps reduce stress and assists in helping remove excess fat caused by high cortisol levels. Cortaril is a cortisol manager that contains ultra-potent adaptogens, allowing your body to become more resilient to stress inducing forces. Several examples of external stressors include work, relationships, weight lifting and countless others. Increased cortisol levels over time can lead to hypercortisolism, eventually resulting in decreased muscle, hair loss, depression and countless others. Cortaril can help relieve these symptoms and return cortisol levels to a more natural level. Here at VH Nutrition, we stand behind our products with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are several other ways to decrease cortisol, but in today’s world getting additional sleep, changing diet, and removal of external stressors isn’t always possible. Cortaril can be used a tool to help alleviate the buildup of stress without having to make large life changes.

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